Boys Do Cry

Challenging public's view on Masculinity

We challenged the “Boys Don’t Cry” mantra. The campaign, “Boys Do Cry”, redefined masculinity for men in sync with their feminine side. It captured empathic moments when emotions climax and overcome fear, prejudice and stereotypes.

The campaign epically depicted men publicly crying and owning the emotions that have been deeply suppressed. We celebrated their cries and the beauty of being unique by exhibiting bio art out of their tears.

— Microscopic Bio-Art

Tear Art

We exhibited bio-art made from tears of men. Every tear art uncovered the complexity in masculinity.


Boys Do Cry Microsite

A microsite was launched to deepen the experience and stories behind the tears and the art. The site also hosted real-time youtube comments to highlight the public’s view on masculinity.

— Next Project

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